Why Are We Celebrating World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers Day
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  • 26 Jul, 2023
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Why Are We Celebrating World Teachers’ Day?

Education is the most powerful tool we have. The people who are responsible for making it possible are teachers, and that is why we need to celebrate world teachers day. Teachers are not only responsible for making education a possibility but also facilitating learning, spreading knowledge, and playing an important role in developing the overall academic and personal development of a student. Teachers deserve to be respected and appreciated for the hard work they do for the betterment of this society and this world, and that is why there is a specific day that is dedicated to their hard work which is known as teachers day.

What is World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers Day has been celebrated every year globally since 1994. It is also known as International Teachers Day and was brought into existence by UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture). This day teaches us the importance of teachers and why it needs to be celebrated. The world teachers day date is the 5th of October every year and students all over the world celebrate it by acknowledging the hard work and efforts of their teachers.

Why Do We Celebrate World Teachers’ Day?

It is necessary to celebrate world teachers day to acknowledge and recognize the ongoing struggles teachers are facing on a daily basis. Many people come across this question of why we need to celebrate teachers day. We need to learn as much as possible about teachers day.

Since Covid-19, the world has changed and the old ways of teaching are now fading away. The education world is transitioning from in-person to online and the people who are trying their best to make this as easy as possible for the students are teachers. This hard work and struggle deserve praise and recognition.

Most people think it is only the students who will be participating in a teachers day celebration but the concept is totally wrong. Teachers themselves can celebrate the day as well. To celebrate the day as a teacher, one can share his struggle story with the students motivating them to become teachers in the future and help the future generation. Discussing the favorite aspects of becoming a teacher and understanding the importance of teachers. In this way, teachers will not only teach the student the actual meaning of world teachers day but also make them understand why they need to celebrate this day. Since the pandemic has changed the overall teaching methods, thereby you can use Cerebral Tutoring’s platform to share your struggle story and your overall experience as a teacher thereby sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.

Cerebral Tutoring Celebrates Teachers

As an educational platform that not only helps students but also aims to help teachers all over the world. Cerebral Tutoring acknowledges and recognizes every effort teachers put in every day. We are truly grateful for every teacher that aims to help their students in the time of their need. Thereby we encourage every student to celebrate teachers day because they are real heroes and this is why we are more than happy to provide giveaways and contests to mark world teachers day.

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