Online vs. Traditional Tutoring: Which Is Best?

Online vs. Traditional Tutoring
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  • 25 Sep, 2023
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Online vs. Traditional Tutoring: Which Is Best?

High-quality tutoring can help shape the future of the students. It is not the only factor to determine success but it opens more doors quickly. A parent’s ultimate goal is to ensure his child obtains the best tutoring experience possible. There has been a conflict between online tutoring and the conventional form of tutoring known as home or traditional tutoring. After COVID-19 many students transitioned from traditional to online tutoring and now things are getting back to their normal state parents are confused about which one to pick which has given rise to competition that is online vs. traditional tutoring.  

It is fair to say that both have their fair share of pros and cons and one must carefully go through each of them before deciding which one to go for in this article, we will guide you about the pros and cons of both tutoring methods, making it easy for you to decide which tutoring method would suit your child the most, but first we must understand what is online tutoring and what is traditional tutoring

What is Online Tutoring?

In other words, online tutoring is tutoring lessons that take place over the internet either through a video conferencing call or recorded lessons. Many people have a question that is how does online tutoring work?  The simplest answer to the question is that both the tutor and the student reside in different locations and are able to connect with each other through the Internet.  

What is Traditional Tutoring?

On the other hand, traditional tutoring consists of tutoring lessons that are taken in person. The student and tutor either meet at the tutor’s office, at home, or at a public place for the lessons.  

Since we are now familiar with the terminologies of both forms of tutoring, we will go through the pros and cons of online tutoring and traditional tutoring or in other words, the advantages and disadvantages of online and traditional tutoring. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online and Traditional Tutoring

Advantages of Online Tutoring

  • Easy Accessibility

Why online tutoring is the best? It is because of the easy accessibility. Most of you would have to meet a traditional tutor in person to ensure whether they will be a perfect fit for your child or not, and this process could become hectic. That is not the case with online tutoring as you can have multiple evaluation or demo sessions in order to find the right tutor for your child’s need. 

On top of that, you can have tutoring sessions no matter where you reside in any part of the world. Accessibility to education becomes easy and fast.

  • Affordability

affordable online tutoring

The second benefit that takes the lead in the online vs. traditional tutoring battle is affordability. Since you don’t have to move in order to find the right tutor, the reduced pricing allows you to obtain a highly qualified and experienced tutor for your child at a much lower cost. 

  • Better Communication

Communication in online tutoring is much more straightforward. It gets easier when you have to book and schedule sessions at the same place or platform. In addition to straightforward communication, it also ensures the utilization of more resources such as infographics, PDFs, and tailored lectures according to the child’s needs. Many students prefer having lessons as per their own learning method. In online tutoring, it gets easier since it is usually one-on-one thus making it easy for the student to concentrate.

In the case of an online tutor, one must master all the different forms of tutoring when it comes to how to be an effective online tutor

Disadvantages of Online Tutoring 

  • Not Practical

Online Tutoring is good for academic learning but not for practical learning. It is impossible for tutors to teach practical subjects. Young children who understand better through imitations or physical may understand better through traditional tutoring. 

  • More Distractions

There are some online tutoring weaknesses but this one is the most common. In the case of traditional tutoring, tutors have more control over the situations around the student. Younger students can get easily distracted, and an in-person tutor can handle the situation better compared to an online tutor. Students procrastinating when it comes to completing homework or assignments is also another form of distraction that online tutors have to face.

Advantages of Traditional Tutoring

  • In-Person Interaction

People are meant to socialize with each other, and learning to socialize is the most important factor along with academia. Traditional tutoring allows students to interact not only with tutors in person but also with their fellow classmates. It allows them to obtain multiple experiences in just one in-person interaction. Traditional tutoring benefits the ability to master interpersonal communication. It is important for students to learn this ability which would help them in their practical life in the future.

  • Understanding Emotions and Body Language

Apart from learning interpersonal communication, traditional tutoring benefits the students to understand others’ emotions and body language. Traditional tutoring helps students understand human psychology. The same goes for the traditional tutor as well, if your child is shy then a traditional tutor can notice that easily and help your child immediately. 

Disadvantages of Traditional Tutoring

  • High Cost

In the online vs. traditional tutoring battle, the biggest disadvantage of traditional tutoring is the high cost. The more qualified and experienced the tutor is, the higher the cost will be and this is one of the primary reasons why people avoid traditional tutoring and prefer to go for affordable online tutoring

  • Commuting

In traditional tutoring, travel costs and traffic-related time constraints can be stressful for both parties. This often leads parents to choose online tutoring over in-person options. 

Which one to Choose?

If you are looking for an answer to which tutoring method is best or have taken the lead in the case of online vs. traditional tutoring then we cannot answer that. For some people, online tutoring works best and for some people, traditional tutoring is more suitable. The thing that can help you in finding out which tutoring methods work best for you is the academic needs of your child. Which method would suit him best? In order to find that, you may register for a free evaluation session at Cerebral Tutoring and find out which tutoring method suits your child the most.

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