Frequently Asked Questions


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Yes, the company provides a free 45min trial lesson to the students in which the student gets to meet the tutor as well.

Yes, it will be up to the student to plan the sessions with thte tutor in advance.

Yes, but the student has to communicate with the tutor at least 1 or 2 hours in advance,

Yes, every tutor that the company provides has prior experience related to IGCSE/GCSE, NSW, IB, CBSE, American & British Curriculums along with a success rate of 89.5%.

Of course if you are not satisfied with your current tutor then you can definitely request your assigned administrator to change your tutor at any time. 

Yes there are discounts offered by the company. For that purpose you can reach out to your assigned administrator.

Cerebral Tutoring offers a wide variety of subjects from natural sciences to humanities such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Language & Literature, Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Psychology, Computer Science and many more.

You can start your classes as soon as your approve the tutor of your preference and need. Right after having your trial lesson, you can schedule your classes with the tutor from the very next day.